We love portraing your business into nothing less than a Masterpiece.

Web Design Agency in India. We create dynamic and mobile friendly websites for you which are optimsed for On page SEO as well. The best part - we care as if it were our own.

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Dynamic Website Design Agency in India

We make sure your website has all the makings of nothing but perfection, We understand that a web portal is the first and foremost reflection of a business on the interwebs and it would make a great difference to your customers - hell, it can break or make your business in most cases.

1. Lets Begin

Request a Quote. Deposit Token Money - 50% of project fee. 

2. Patience's the Word

Hold, Three days delivery for all types of projects.

3. Action Time

Time to showcase your business. You may request for unlimited minor edits.

Ready to find out more?

Drop us a line today for a free quote! We are available round the clock to serve you.

Why bother choosing us?

What is so unique about us, I mean there are million other provider, right? Well, here are some pointers that come to mind..

24/7 Uptime

The servers that we use are standard VPS servers with dedicated hosting. We make sure all sites can take up dedicated bandwidths of 1 GB to start with(scalable at will ofcourse).

Privacy and Confidentiality

Unlike other agencies, we are very discreet with our operations. We do not wish to disclose the data collected or work done on one project with a second employer. It is all but the rule of the trade, We would not expect our competitors to do the same for us. You can rest assured as far as your security and privacy is concerned.

Heatmap and analytic emphasis.

We make sure we deliver to you designs which are a result of multiple tests and analysis. We run scripts to understand user behavior and make relevant edits to your websites and landing pages.

On Page SEO optimised

All websites that we prepare come with 100% unique and non plagarised content which is very critical to keeping your sites listed on the SERPs. Now, you make sure our keyword densities are matched, right phrases are mentioned and proper sitemapping is done to make your websites SEO ready.

SSL Security

With the power of SSL certificate at no additional cost, we make sure your websites remain safe from being hacked or corrupted. Your private keys are kept safe and secure with us and shared on request only.

Free Email Accounts

Well, we do offer you upto 10 free business emails along with your websites which you can use for all official or personal purposes. Again, there is no renewal charge involved here, so you can rest assured.

Still thinking?

Why not checkout our offers page for ongoing and live offers. We do keep atleast a couple of offers and combo packs handy at any point of time to keep you entertained. You may also contact us by mail at info@hashtagdms.com if you have a customised plan in mind.

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