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Some Samples by our Messegner Chatbot Agency

Table Reservation, Banquet booking, Showcase Menu, Share Directions and Contact info with the help of Restaurant Chatbots.

Ticket booking, reservations, information of speakers and attendees, contact details, directions and more of the event at the click of few buttons.

Send out broadcasts about latest product added to the catalogue, provide wuick links to access categories, share best sellers or just provide extra discounts and coupon codes on completing an incentive.

Share access to  your latest albums, videos, productions and more, give an easy access to send business inquiries or tieup proposals, share your calendar and upcoming events.

Tell the customers about the scope of your business, services offered and quick links to about, contact and service pages. Get inquiries delivered to your inbox and notifications on Messenger.

Create conditional fields based on the inputs provided. Ask for relevant user inputs such as Email, Phone number, address or other relevant data to complete your lead generation in an interactive and user friendly manner.

Where to use Messenger bot

These Website Chatbots can be used in your websites as a floating element. They can also be used as a Call to Action on your Facebook pages.
Given the fact that most people on the web are facebook users and signed into the network almost all the time, they do not have to share their basic information again when communicating with you.
And just like any other campaign management system, you have the power of frequent communications, reminders, notifications on new updates and more..


Don't take our Word

"Using a chatbot destination for my ad campaigns has helped add more subscibers to my list at an astonishingly low cost, there is great power to developed messenger bots."

"Imagine most people opening my DMs now as compared to the mails I used to send earlier. This useful communication network has definately imcrease d my customer enagegements. Everyone should include a chatbot in their marketing strategy."

"The best part about using Chatbots made by Hashtag DMS is that I do not have to pay up a recurring subscriptions fee or addon fee unless i want something edited. All automations are in place and running great."

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Benefits of a Customised Chatbot

We are now at a phase when the use of Chatbots has started to increase rapidly. The growth of this communication channnel is more than any other - be it emails, social media, calls, messages or more. The benefits of having a chatbot are endless. We have listed some of the most important ones which will interest you. 

Quadruple your Conversion rates - Same goes for Open Rate

Conventional engagement channels such as email marketing and sms campaigns have been at the centrestage of communications for far too long. The average open rate of chatbot messages is over 60% as compared to less than 10% in emails and sms.

Reduction of spam in the market - Control over Subsciptions

The increase of email and sms communications has increased spamming. People have started to loose trust in the communications and find it difficult to separate legitimate threads apart. With Chatbots, you only get messages from sources you accept.

Power of AI like never before - Reduction of manpower

Automation is the future, we have all been talking about it for so long. With the Messenger Chatbots, you have some power to control automation with a mojar part of your business. Most importantly, your customer can navigate and know the most important products you offer.

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Share your details here and we will get back to you..

Or you can

Email us :
Call us : +91 8056215469
Whatsapp us: +91 8056215469
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