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Hire an FB ads expert to run goal-oriented advertising campaigns for your business.... 

Daily Posts

We keep your followers updated with regular posts in your niche relevant to your target audience. Also, we keep a check on ongoing campaigns and optimize them to improve your ROI.

Weekly Report

We send all our running customers a weekly report of what has been done throughout the week with regards to their marketing goals and objectives and what we plan on doing next.


We make sure people who have expressed interests in your offerings (page and ads) are retargeted every once in a while to get better conversion rates.

Feedback friendly

We love to hear what our customers have to say about the quality of our work. Their feedback is very critical to our sustenance and growth. We take their viewpoints and assessments very seriously and make sure we can give them the best.

24*7 availability

We take great pride in the fact that we can guarantee you a response time of 4 hours and delivery time of 24 hours for almost all your online marketing needs.


We like to believe that we are a goal-oriented marketing agency primarily. Having said that, its is our job to find out opportunities to help give you the best returns for your ad spend.

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We would love to work with you and help you achieve your business goals with facebook ads. (i.e. if you will have us.)

Campaign goals in facebook ads manager

These are not all, but the most prominent ones that advertisers tend to use while running facebook promotion campaigns. We have tried to give you a small brief about them below.

Lead Generation

The lead generation campaign is best suited for businesses looking to generate some quick inquiries and opt-ins of interested customers. These people who opt-in can be called or emails about the ad and perhaps converted.

Message Replies

Lately taking away all the stardom, this campaign type focuses on direct interactions with customers on the Messenger platform. Plugin a Chatbot here and kill it with half the price of lead generation ads.


These types of campaigns drive customers towards a specific target such as a product purchase, add to cart, product view, etc. These campaigns are great for Ecommerce players who can easily analyse what their average cost per order is and then scale up accordingly.

Video Views

Get more people to view your videos. These can turn out to be the least expensive when it comes to impressions per currency spent. Great goal for content creators, vloggers, etc.


This type of goal is suggested for blogs and news portals who are interested in getting more and more readers to their website. In this campaign type, we can even decide the cost per click that we wish to pay and pay per click.

Brand Awareness

Useful for big brands or even local businesses who want to let their customers know they exist by increasing the frequency of their ad copy served in the timelines of customers. Very useful if your product can be used by a wider audience or if you have deep pockets.


The Engagement goal is one of the most misunderstood ones and all novice advertisers end up running these campaigns unknowingly. This campaign type tends to give the advertiser more likes, comments and shares on their posts which can be a very goof method for brand awareness.

Page Likes

Everybody loves followers, why not grab some of your own. With the legitimate facebook page like campaigns, you hold the power to increase your following as and when you see fit. Prices are also reasonable.

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We as a company want to make sure that there are no pages unturned if you are having second thoughts or are not sure if you want to work with us.  Therefore, we put you in our work cycle for a period of 3 days wherein both of us can see if we are able to help each other grow. Otherwise, there would be no point. Read more about our Ongoing Offers here.

Other services at Hashtag DMS

The other services that we offer besides facebook promotions management and advertising include website design and development, email marketing, search engine marketing , Search engine optimization(SEO), Quora marketing, Linkedin marketing, Display Ads, PPC marketing, among others.

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We believe that as researchers and learners of this subject, it is our duty to pass on the info to all who are interested. Feel free to call us for any information related to facebook promotion.

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