Digital Marketing Course

Master all Digital Marketing skills in 15 hours

About the Digital marketing course

Digital Marketing by definition is the complete conglomeration of domains which influence user behavior online aimed at helping a business achieve its marketing goals. The study of these powerful Domains is what we are going to do in this 1 to 1 Digital Marketing course powered by Hashtag DMS.

The fields which are most noteworthy and while shall be covered are listed below:



SEO - Search engine optimization Influencing the Google and Bing search engine results.
SMM - Social Media Marketing Identification, segmentation and targeting on social media sites
Website Development Basics to create websites and landing pages cheaply
Email Marketing Cheapest way to engage with targeted lists and subscribers.
Content Marketing Upselling and promoting content to drive new customers in the niche
Graphics Design Basics of creating effective images with drag and drop tools.

"Day in and day out, it all boils down to experimentation and practicality. These concepts absorb quite easily and quickly. What matters though is the application we are able to bring out of it"

Kanav Kapoor


Search Engine Optimization Course

SEO sits right at the center of any smart marketer's Digital Marketing strategy. At a point where the paid advertising channels start to look too expensive, SEO can save the day with the organic traffic coming in from search engine giants such as Google and Bing.


Social Media Marketing Course

Social Media marketing involves the study, testing and optimization of campaigns, posts, or equivalent to arrive at a required marketing goal with ease. With our result driven dashboard analysis you can easuly master Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Pinterest ads, Twitter Ads, Reddit Ads, Quora Ads, Linkedin Ads, and more.

Website Development

Build Websites and Landing pages

Development of websites and landing pages resides at the heart of any online marketing strategy as it is one place on the web which is your revenue generator and your property. A website gives you complete control over your business and is simply a must have. Thankfully for the beginners, such platforms can be constructed easily with minimal expense.

Email Marketing

Bulk Cost effective Email outreach 

Email Marketing has to be a part of your marketing strategy if you are running a legitimate business. it is the cheapest channel of communicating with customers. More importantly, you reach out people who are interested in your service hence giving you a good response rate most of the time yet. Most of the money brand spend on advertising goes to generation of leads of potential customers.

Content Marketing

Information for your target audience

The general idea behind Content Marketing is to be the major source of information that the people in your target audience are looking for. People may come to visit information relevant to them  and in the process checkout what your business is about. The best brands in the world understand this and thus have millions of pages of quality content aiming to deliver this for all.

Graphics Design

Ad Creatives in 5 minutes

With some of the best online drag and drop dashboards, you can find a plethora of templates and designs in all post formats to make sure you would be ready with your creatives in under 5 minutes. You can rule graphics design and become viral with your posts overnight with a creative muscle of 5 minutes. This is one of the most important skills to have for all social media marketers.

15 hours 1 to 1 course
INR 15000 only



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Most of the details of the domains of this digital marketing course have already been listed above. If you still have some doubts or queries, you may contact us anytime at this number. Our customer support team is available at all hours.

Regarding the allocation of hours: This is a P2P or a 1to1 course where one of our experts will be sitting with you online on skype or google hangouts and taking hourly classes for you in your available hours. We offer a FREE trial for the first hour when our experts will give you a broad insight of what the course is about, talk to you to understand your goals and objectives and makeup a timeline chart for the course based on your needs, prior understand and demands.

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