Chatbot Marketing vs Email Marketing – What to go for in 2018?

Each of these communication channels have their own pros and cons. It would really depend on your business model as to which method to rely on more than the other.. (or even have both in place)

Please note that the Chatbot I am referring to in this blog post is a Facebook Messenger bot which integrates wth the FB page, website chatbots or other chatbots with limited functionalities cannot be considered for the argument in this blog post. I am going to write down the factors which could influence your decision on “Chatbot marketing vs Email marketing”, so here we go –

  • Open Rate: You can expect an open rate of 70-80% on average with Chatbot notifications. Email Marketing on the other hand has given an open rate of 30-40% of late on average. Chatbot marketing promises 2-3 times better open rates as emails at the moment.
  • Pricing: Well, in effect you will find the pricing models to be pretty similar for both. But, since the email channel has been in action for ages there are several workarounds and cheaper service providers as well. Elastic Email offers you to send upto 5000 emails at one go for no expense. (May 2018) and Mailwizz is an EMA which gives you complete control of your email dashboard with no subscriber limit for a one time license fee of less than $60. Chatbot marketing can thus be considered more expensive.
  • Autoresponders: Something which only the Chatbots can offer, definitely a plus in favour of messenger bots. Quick replies and immediate assistance to your customers without paying a salary to customer support is a business owner’s merry.
  • Content: Emails allow you to write down and send way more content in newsletters as compared to the meager word limits in messenger chatbots. Emails allow more content freedom.
  • A word to Spammers: Howdy, partner!! You would not be able to do much on the Messenger Chatbot front as a subscriber or a customer needs to accept the chat and give a permission before any communication starts. Email marketing is so much better for all the junk mails. Messenger Chatbots are spam-free.

Well, there would definitely be a lot more factors we can talk about but these are some quick ones that came to my mind. Why don’t you comment with the name of another factor which you think should be included and I will do the needful.

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